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The Guardian Ledge - Large

The Guardian Ledge - Large

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The Guardian Ledge - Small


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Embark on a new era of gecko care with our very own Magnetic Ledge, now available as the Guardian Ledge. This meticulously crafted ledge represents over a year of dedicated development, specifically tailored for Crested Geckos while also compatible with various arboreal gecko species.

With an impressive upgrade in strength, the Large Guardian Ledge boasts six robust neodymium magnets capable of accommodating larger New Caledonian species. The enhanced design features a back plate housing three of these mighty magnets. Place outside the terrarium and slide along its surface until it seamlessly connects to the internally positioned ledge.

But wait, there's more! The Large Guardian Ledge is perfectly designed for use with our Reusable Large Silicone Feeding Cups, ensuring convenient and adaptable feeding options. It may also accommodate most other 1.5 oz cups, whether plastic or silicone.

Transform your gecko's habitat with the Guardian Ledge, providing a secure, interactive space for your cherished pet to flourish and embark on endless adventures!


*Large Reusable Silicone Feeding Cups Sold Separately

**Caution- Magnets are extremely strong. Use carefully and with caution. Slide along glass surface until back place connects with ledge. We are not responsible for cracked glass, damages to terrariums/cages, or injuries that may occur. 

***Designed for use with 0.25 inch thick glass or PVC Terrariums. May be used with 0.5 inch think Terrarium walls, however, strength is greatly reduced. 

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