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Limited Edition GLOW Reusable Medium Silicone Feeding Dish

Limited Edition GLOW Reusable Medium Silicone Feeding Dish

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Limited Edition Glow-In-The Dark Dishes

Just in time for halloween! These Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Dishes work perfect for any Gecko Enclosure that will be exposed to light during the day, especially if it is a Plant Light or UV light! Once the lights go off, these cups will illuminate a soft glow, allowing you to spy on your little friend snacking on their Gecko Diet!

Electric Blue glows Neon Blue in the dark

Leachie Green glows Neon Green in the dark

Extreme Pink glows vibrant Yellow\Orange in the dark


Product Description:

These non-toxic silicone feeding dishes were designed by Gecko Breeders. The low profile and wide base allow species such as Crested Geckos or Gargoyle Geckos, easy access to their food without accidentally tipping it over. The dish is reusable, and the non-toxic silicone allows for easy cleanup. This dish is best for average size New Caledonian Geckos. We use these for all of our growout Crested, Gargoyle, and Chahouas. For smaller or larger geckos, check out our selection of other sizes.

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